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About Us

It is hard to imagine that in this day and age, that there are children in families where even a basic gift will not be given. This is at no fault of the parent and certainly not the child, all for a very wide number of reasons. Social security issues, fleeing domestic abuse, fire, burglary, ill health and sheer poverty are all reasons why families might find themselves unable to buy presents. Can you even start to imagine how that must feel?

This is why the Sikh Toy Appeal has been formed.

Every year we get to hear about a growing number of children and families in these circumstances, and every year we need more and more new presents to bag up and send out to every child/ young person aged from 1-18. We also want to help vulnerable care givers. These youngsters maybe your children, your neighbours, a friend’s child, but whoever they will be living in your area. These are children that will not be given presents unless you help them. Remember, Birthdays and Christmas Day is THE most important date in any youngster’s diary.
Fundraising is critical for us, so we ask for donations in toys/gifts or in money, and we appeal to the general public and local businesses who are so very generous and donate some wonderful presents. We have a drop off points in Wolverhampton and Birmingham, where people can drop off unwrapped gifts.

The numbers have risen significantly, and Christmas 2017 saw us handing out … gifts. This is a bag of presents carefully selected as age appropriate and based on each youngsters’ interests. Not easy when you need an average of … presents that need to be bought, collected from drop off, sorted into categories, and then bagged. 

So please if you could help in any way, either donate through our just giving page by using the guidelines on how to donate, or buy that extra present and pop it into the drop off centre listed on this website. 

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